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Anxiety Warriors Workshop   |   Jan 14th - Feb 11th   |

Warriors Against Worry

Worry Warrior Group for grades 1st- 5th

Ages 7-11 (Will accept 6 year old that can read)

January 14th-February 11th


Participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between helpful and unhelpful worries

  • Learn to effectively use strategies for managing stress/worry

  • Label and restructure unhelpful thoughts

  • Develop effective skills to reduce and manage anxiety/worry

  • Create take-home activities that reinforce the skills learned in the group setting

  • Approach anxiety-provoking situations with confidence

  • Name and tame their "worry monster"

Groups are led by trained Therapists

(former School Counselors)


Group designed to help develop effective skills

(bed time fears, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety)


Group Dates: Jan. 14th, Jan. 21st, Jan. 28th, Feb. 4th, Feb. 11th

Mondays: 3:30-5:00


Prepaid Investment

$250 for 5 sessions


Participation in the group DOES NOT CURE ANXIETY

Anxiety Warriors Workshop | Jan 14th - Feb 11th |

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